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Question;Question 1.2 out of 2 points;Correct If the Fed wishes to stimulate the;economy, it may;Answer. Question 2.2 out of 2 points;Correct Government financing of large;budgetary deficits;Answer. Question 3.2 out of 2 points;Correct The U.S. banking system has the;ability to alter the size of the money supply because of the use of;Answer. Question 4.2 out of 2 points;Correct Price inflation;Answer. Question 5.2 out of 2 points;Correct During the 2007 - 2009 financial;crisis, many major financial institutions and business corporations were on the;verge of collapse or failure, however, some of the very largest corporations;and financial institutions were deemed as being ________ because their failure;would cause cascading negative repercussions throughout the U.S. and many;foreign economies.;Answer. Question 6.2 out of 2 points;Correct Who made the following famous;statement: "The government?s view of the economy could be summed up in a;few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if;it stops moving, subsidize it.;Answer. Question 7.2 out of 2 points;Correct The multiplying capacity of primary;deposits is reduced if;Answer. Question 8.2 out of 2 points;Correct Deposits that add new reserves to;the bank where they are deposited are called;Answer. Question 9.2 out of 2 points;Correct A primary focus of the Economic;Stabilization Act of 2008, which became know as the;was to allow the U.S. Treasury purchase up to $700;billion of troubled or toxic assets held by financial institutions.;Answer. Question 10.2 out of 2 points;Correct The government entity responsible;for fiscal policy is;Answer. Question 11.2 out of 2 points;Correct The effect of arbitrage activities;in foreign exchange markets is to;Answer. Question 12.2 out of 2 points;Correct A draft that is not accompanied by;any special documents and generally used when the exporter has confidence in;the importer?s ability to meet the draft when presented is known as;Answer;Selected Answer: a clean draft;Correct Answer: a clean draft. Question 13.2 out of 2 points;Correct A documentary draft is accompanied;among other things, by a (n);Answer. Question 14.2 out of 2 points;Correct A bankers? acceptance differs from;a trade draft in that;Answer. Question 15.2 out of 2 points;Correct The least costly form of claim in;foreign exchange is a;Answer. Question 16.2 out of 2 points;Correct The exchange rate is the rate at;which a given unit of foreign currency is quoted in terms of;Answer. Question 17.2 out of 2 points;Correct The benefits of specialization of;effort among nations depend primarily upon:. Question 18.2 out of 2 points;Correct Foreign exporters are usually quite;willing to accept U.S. dollars in payment for goods and services because:. Question 19.2 out of 2 points;Correct A draft requiring immediate payment;is called a (n). Question 20.2 out of 2 points;Correct The Board of Governors of the;Federal Reserve System considers bankers? acceptances used in international;trade to be;Answer


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