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Question;Answer the following questions;Chapter 9;Exercise 9-2 Forecasting Sales and Net;Income;Quarterly Sales and net income data for;General Electric for Year 1 through Year 9 are shown below ($ millions).;Use these data and any other historical;information available to forecast sales and net income for each of the quarters;ending September Year 9, December Year 9 March Year 10 and June Year 10.;Explain the basis of your forecasts.;9-3 Forecasting Sales and Net Income;a.;Explain how predictions of the;total market and market share can be used in the forecasting process.;b.;What data might you seek to;enhance your sales forecast and how might such data be gathered?;c.;Illustrate what-if scenarios in;which market share gained by is (1) 5% greater than and (2) 5% worse;than the predicted.08% of the year 2006 expected industry sales of 3.2;billion.;d.;For each of these two separate;scenarios, illustrate what ?if analysis when total expected industry sales of;$3.2 billion are (1) 10% greater than and (2) 10% worse than expected.;9-4 Preparing a Short-Term Cash Forecast;The Lyon Corporation is a merchandising;company. Prepare a short=term cash forecast for July of Year 6 following the;format of Exhibit 9A.4. Selected financial data from Lyon Corporation as of;Julyu 1 of Year 6 are reproduced below (thousands).;Problem 9-1 Preparing Pro Forma Financial;Statements;a.;Use ate following ratios to prepare;a projected income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows for;Year 3.;b.;Based on your initial;projections, how much external financing (long-term debt and/or stockholders?;equity) will Coca Cola need to fund its growth at projected increases in sales?;Case 9-1Forcasting Pro Forma Financial;Statements (Kodak);a.;All financial ratios remain at;20xy levels.;b.;Kodak will not record;restructuring costs for 20x7;c.;Taxes payable are at the 20x6;level of $544 million.;d.;Depreciation expense charged to;SG&A is $765 million and $738 million for 20x6, respectively.;e.;Gross PPE is $12,982 million;and $12,963 million for 20x6 and 20x5, respectively;f.;Projected current maturities of;long-term debt are $13 million for 20x7.;c.


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