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Question;1.Which of the following is not a type of predictable demand behavior?(Points: 1) trendrandom variationcycleseasonal patternQuestion 2.2.Correlation is a measure of the strength of the:(Points: 1) nonlinear relationship between two dependent variables.nonlinear relationship between a dependent and independent variable.linear relationship between two dependent variables.linear relationship between a dependent and independent variable.Question 3.3.________________ demand is a key to providing good-quality service.(Points: 1) PredictedForecastedAnticipatedUnknownQuestion 4.4.Regression forecasting methods relate _________ to other factors that cause demand behavior.(Points: 1) supplydemandtimemoneyQuestion 5.5.A mathematical technique for forecasting that relates the dependent variable to an independent variable is:(Points: 1) correlation analysis.exponential smoothing.linear regression.weighted moving average.Question 6.6.The _________________ forecast method consists of an exponential smoothing forecast with a trend adjustment factor added to it.(Points: 1) exponentially smoothedadjusted exponentially smoothingtime seriesmoving averageQuestion 7.7.In ___________________ replenishment, the supplier and customer care continuously update data.(Points: 1) demandongoingcontinuousforecastedQuestion 8.8.A forecast:(Points: 1) predicts what will occur in the future.results from an uncertain strategic planning.All of these answer choices are correct.Question 9.9.Continuous replenishment relies heavily on ____________term forecast.(Points: 1) short-medium-long-All of these answer choices are correct.Question 10.10.A ___________ is an up-and-down movement in demand that repeats itself over a period of more than a year.(Points: 1) trendseasonal patternrandom variationcycle


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