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Question;BBA2301;Unit I Discussion;Board Question;Introduce;yourself to your fellow students and instructor. Share your college degree;plans, briefly explaining what degree you are pursuing, why, and how you think;taking this course will assist you in achieving your personal or professional;goals in life.Lesson 1: Based on what you have learned about how corporations account for;income tax, what ethical issues do you think could arise during the process?;How might these ethical issues be addressed? Provide an example of an ethical;issue you described.Lesson 2: Bobby's Bagels just landed a contract to open 100 new stores in;shopping malls across the country. The new business should triple the company's;profits. Before disclosing the new contract to the public, top managers of the;company quietly bought most of Bobby's Bagels stock for themselves. After the;discovery was announced, Bobby's Bagels stock price shot up from $7 to $52.;Address the following questions in your;discussion post.;? Where are the stock;purchase transactions recorded and reported?;? How do you think the managers' purchase of the stock impacted the company's;stock price?;? What are the potential ethical implications of the transactions described in;the scenario?;Unit II Discussion Board Question;COLLAPSE;Top of Form;Lesson 3: What is the treatment for bonds on the books, and how does this;compare to equity transactions?;Unit III Discussion Board Question;COLLAPSE;Top of Form;Lesson 4: Understanding cash flows is a key factor in identifying how a;business is performing. Using your own words, identify the difference between;operating, investing, and financing cash flows. Also identify why each one is;important to a business.Lesson 5: Think of all the information on a financial statement and;the ways to analyze it. Select an analysis method and state one advantage and;one disadvantage of that analysis method in a specific business situation.;Describe your business situation briefly but clearly.;Unit IV Discussion Board Question;COLLAPSE;Top of Form;Lesson 6: Consider what you have learned about the value chain in this lesson.;In your own words, describe the six elements of the value chain and how they;can be used to control costs.;Unit V Discussion Board Question;COLLAPSE;Top of Form;Lesson 7: In your own words, briefly describe and distinguish the two steps;managers use to determine the costs involved with a job. Provide a specific;business example for each.Lesson 8: Think of the characteristics of the different methods for;determining the price of a product. What are the differences between job;costing and process costing, and how do these differences impact accounting?;Which do you think is easier for determining inaccuracies and misinformation?;Explain. Try to use a different example than what was posted by your;classmates.;Unit VI Discussion Board Question;COLLAPSE;Top of Form;Lesson 9: Consider the different aspects of variable costing and absorption;costing. Provide a specific business example that illustrates each of the;costing methods and why the costing method is used in that situation.;Unit VII Discussion Board Question;COLLAPSE;Top of Form;Lesson 10: Budgets are an important aspect of any business. How do managers;use budgets specifically? What type of information do budgets provide to;managers?;Lesson 11: Consider what you have learned about flexible budgets in;this lesson. In your own words, describe how managers use standard cost data to;develop flexible budgets. Provide a detailed example of how a flexible budget;is used within a company.;Unit VIII Discussion Board Question;COLLAPSE;Top of Form;What is your opinion of this course?;Did it meet your expectations? What suggestions can you offer for improvement;of this course for future students?;Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in;the subject line. For example, "Tom's response to Susan's comment."Lesson 12: Reflect on what you have learned about the accuracy of;cost systems and the special types of business decisions managers make.;Describe one key method for improving the accuracy of cost systems and provide;an example of how this can be accomplished. Next, describe in detail one of the;special short-term business decisions managers make and provide a specific;example of when this type of decision is necessary.;Bottom of Form


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