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Question;Chapter;11;Exercise;11-1 Analyzing and Interpreting Maintenance and Repairs Expense (Quaker Oats;Company);a. Prepare;a schedule where maintenance and repairs expense is shown (i) as a percent of;revenues and (ii) as a percent of property, plant, and equipment (net) for;(1) Year;9 and Year 10 separately;(2) Total;of Years 9 and 10.;(3) Average;of Years 9 and 10.;(4) Year;11.;b.;Interpret;the comparison of the spending level for maintenance and repairs in Year 11;with the average level of spending for Years 9 and 10.;11-3 Extraordinary Items in Financial Statement Analysis;(Quaker Oats Company);a.;Describe;your views on this statement. What is your opinion on how extraordinary items;should be reported?.;b.;Discuss;how extraordinary items should be treated in financial analysis.;Problem 11-1 Recasting of the Income Statement;a.;Recast;Quaker Oats income statement through Income from Continuing Operation for Years;11, 10, and 9 (estimate federal Income tax at 34%).;b.;Interpret;trends revealed by the recasted income statement;Case 11-1 Analyzing and Interpreting Trends in;Earnings and Earnings Components (Ferro Corporation);a.;Recast;Ferro?s income statement for Years 5 and 6 show computations;b.;Identify;factors causing income tax expense to differ from 48% of pretax income.;Identify any random or unstable factors.;What significant;changes can you identify in Ferro?s operating policies for Year 6? (Hint: Limit;your analysis to outlays for repairs and maintenance, advertising and employee;training


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