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Review the Johnson & Johnson Annual Report and Procter & Gamble Annual Report 2012




Question;Question 11;Review the Johnson & Johnson;Annual Report and Procter & Gamble Annual Report 2012. Prepare a short essay;comparing and contrasting the two companies. Use charts / graphics / analytics where;appropriate. Limit to eight pages or less (including references). Bullet points;recommended. Feel free to use Google to search other relevant materials.;;;Business models;and business segments;Liquidity ratios;Operating;performance ratios;Market;performance ratios (e.g. P/E, PEG, Book value / market value, etc).;Profitability;ratios (ROA, ROE, gross profit margin, net profit margin);Common size;financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow;Quality of;earnings (financial reporting red flags);Financial;leverage and capital structure;Dividend policy;dividend payout, retained earning analysis;Tax policy;nominal tax rate, effective tax rate.;Financial risk;management / risk hedging / risk reduction strategies;Overall financial;strengths and weaknesses;Question 12 Review;the PDF file.Prepare a 2-3 page memo summarizing the major points of the article. 2).;What lessons that you learned from reading the article?


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