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I need to submit this homework by Saturday December 7th midnight. Research Case 1- Foreign Currency translation and hedging activities. Many companies make annual reports available on their corporate internet home page. Annual reports also can be accessed through the SEC's EDGAR system at ( Under filing type, search for 10-K) Access the most recent annual report for a US based multinational company with which you are familiar. Required a)Identify the location(s) in the annual report that provides disclosures related to the translation of foreign currency financial statements and foreign currency hedging. b)Determine whether the company's foreign operations have a predominant functional currency. c)Determine the amount of remeasurement gain or loss, if any, reported in net income in each of the three most recent years. d)Determine the amount of translation adjustment, if any, reported in other comprehensive incomein each of the three most recent years. Explain the sign (positive or negative) of the translationadjustment in each of the three most recent years. e)Determine whether the company hedges net investments in foreign operations. If so, determinethe type(s) of hedging instrument used. Wherever possible, reference the amounts in your answers to the specific pages of the annualreport from which you will derive them so you can show me clearly where you derive theanswers from.Please submit your answers in word format. Your answers should be listed in the above order (a,b,c,d,e)After your answers section,please include the link to the website where I can access the annual report of the company you select. The Company that I want to used would be Prudential Financial Inc. Thanks! Chris


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