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Plymouth BU5430 week 5 assignment 2




Question;As your first step, find a Statement of Revenue and Expense for a healthcare organization. Then, complete the Checklist for Review of the Statement of Revenue and Expense (below). The checklist can also be found as Exhibit 10-6 in your text.1. What is the period reported on the statement of revenue and expense?2. Is it one year or a shorter period? If it is a shorter period,why is that?3. Are there large discrepancies in balances between the prior year operations and the current year operations?4. Did total operating revenue increase over the prior year?5. Did total operating expenses increase, decrease, or stay aboutthe same? Is any particular line item unusually large or small?6. Did income from operations increase, decrease, or stay about the same?7. Are there unusual nonoperating gains or losses?8. Did the current year result in an excess of revenue over expense? Is it as much as the prior year?9. Did long-term debt increase or decrease significantly over the prior year?Then, submit the Statement of Revenue and Expense you used with a copy of your answers to the nine review questions to the Week 5 Individual Assignment 2 dropbox.


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