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Strayer PAD 505 Fiscal Administration Week 2 Discussion 1 and 2




Question;Week 2 Discussion 1;?Budget;Message of the President.? Based on the e-Activity, please respond to the;following;Identify;three (3) areas where President Obama wants to increase federal appropriations.;Identify;three (3) areas where President Obama wants to decrease federal appropriations.;Analyze;and describe four (4) governmental expenditures each from the federal, state;and local budgets that will have a greater impact on the national economy for;the upcoming budget year. Explain your choices.;Week 2 Discussion 2;?Budget Simulation.? Please;respond to the following: Based on the e-Activity with the budget;simulation game, describe what you learned about the challenge of balancing the;federal budget.;Choose;two (2) budget categories where you believe an increase is advisable. Explain;your choices.;Choose;two (2) where a decrease is advisable. Explain your choices.;="#000000">


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