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Strayer PAD 505 Fiscal Administration Week 3 Discussion 1




Question;Week 3 Discussion 1;?Trend Analysis.? Based on the two (2);e-Activities, please respond to the following;Compare and contrast the budgeted amounts of the four (4) highest;discretionary spending accounts for your state and two (2) neighboring states. This;response requires researching a total of 3 States (Provide a 100 word response);From the ?State & Local Summary Tables by Level of Government?;spreadsheets in the e-Activity, describe the budgeted amounts from the U.S.;Total and the allocated amounts provided to your state.Provide a 100 word response;Referring to the ?Annual Population Estimates 2000 to 2009?;spreadsheet in the e-Activity, analyze and forecast the population growth rate;for 2010 and 2011of the state you chose and its impact on the four (4) highest;discretionary spending accounts.Provide a 100;word response


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