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Strayer PAD 505 Fiscal Administration Week 7 Discussion 1




Question;Week 7 Discussion 1;?General Taxes.? Please respond;to the following;Several states have declared sales tax holidays;in which the state does not collect sales tax on certain items for a given;period of time. In most instances, the holiday has applied to purchases of;clothing and the period has been a week to 10 days in August, the idea being to;give a ?back-to-school? discount as families get ready for the new year.;However, states have gotten more adventurous with the idea in recent years, and;some have enacted or proposed holidays for hurricane survival supplies, gasoline;Energy Star appliances, and guns and ammunition.;Analyze the impact of;tax holidays in your state. Create a table with two (2) columns. The first;column should list Yield, Equity, Administration and Compliance, and Economic;Impact. The second column should explain the impact of tax holidays in each;area.


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