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Complete the following financial ratios for both Google and Yahoo Companies




Question;Complete the following financial ratios for both;Google and Yahoo Companies and also show the work and numbers you used as well;as what resources you used.;Gross Profit Margin:Revenue-Cost;of Goods Sold/RevenueOperational Profit Margin:Operating;Income/Net SalesNet;Profit Margin:(TotalRevenue? Total Expenses)/Total Revenue =;Net Profit/Total Revenue = Net ProfitMarginReturn;on Assets: (investments)Net;Income/Total AssetsNet;Income/Sales X Sales/Total AssetsReturn;on Equity:Net;Income/Stockholders? equityReturn;on Assets (investments)/ (1-debt/assets)Inventory;Turnover: Only if applicable I am not sure what is their inventory?Sales/InventoryFixed;Asset Turnover: Only if applicable.Sales/Fixed;AssetsTotal;Asset Turnover: Only if applicable.Sales/Total;AssetsCurrent;Ratio:Current;Assets/Current LiabilitiesQuick;Ratio: Only if applicable.Current;Assets-inventory/Current LiabilitiesDebt;to total assets:Total;Debt/Total AssetsFixed;Charge Coverage:Income;before fixed charges and taxes/Fixed ChargesWorking;Capital:Current;Assets-Current LiabilitiesBook;Value per share:Total;Shareholder Equity-Preferred Equity/Total Outstanding SharesPrice;Earnings Ratio:Market;Value per share/Earnings per sharePrice/EBITDA;per shareComplete;a DuPont Analysis for both Google and Yahoo.What;are the companies deferred tax accounts?How;do they treat taxes?Do;these companies have hidden assets?;I have been using the following links, but I just;don?t which values are the correct values to use.;;;;


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