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Question;ACCT;225 Slides PPT;You are a knowledgeable tax;preparer. You have been asked by the local high school to come speak with the;senior class about what to expect regarding paychecks and taxes when they get;their first job.;Create a PowerPoint presentation of;8?10 slides for the seniors, including the following;?;An introduction slide;?;At least 5 major events in the;history of federal taxation.;?;The basic information that can be;found on the Internal Revenue Services' Web site for individual taxpayers;?;The latest tax law changes;?;Of the latest tax law changes;choose 3, and explain if they are favorable to taxpayers under the current;economic conditions. Why or why not?;?;A reference slide;Deliverable;Length: 8?10 slides with speakers notes (not including cover and references).


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