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Questionnaire Development and Research Report




Question;ESEARCH METHODS assignment.Write a research report on the sales price of flats and villas in Dubai before and after the financial crisis of 2008.You have to compare between before and after the crisis and study what changed in terms of sales of flats and villas.The link below is for the Dubai Land department. You can get the relevant information (rate for each square meter, areas, etc) Development;andResearch Report;On the basis of your;group research proposal, write 10 to 12 pages of research report. The report;should include the following components;Prefatory;parts;Title page (include the title of your research, group;members name and Id no.), AcknowledgementExecutive summeryTable of contents;Main;body of the report;IntroductionBackground;Problem statement (including the Management dilemma;Management questions)Research question (and research objectives);Review of related LiteratureMethodologySampling designResearch designMethod of data;analysisFindingsArea 1 (Issues related to objective 1)Area 2 (Issues related to objective 2)...Conclusions and RecommendationsAppended;partsData collection forms (questionnaire)General and long tablesBibliography;REMARK;FOR CLEAR EXPLANATION OF EACH OF THE ABOVE HEADINGS;REFERPAGES 508 TO 512 OF YOUR TEXT BOOK. THE ILLUSTRATION ONPAGES;518 ? 528 CAN ALSO BE A HELPFUL GUIDE TO YOUR GROUP WORK.


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