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Strayer FIN 100 Quiz 5




Question;Review Test Submission: Quiz 5Instructions This quiz consist of 10 multiple choice questions and covers the material in Chapter 10. Be sure you are in Chapter 10 when you take the quiz.? Question 1 Dollar-denominated bonds that are issued in the United States by a foreign issuer are called:? Question 2 A bond that does not permit future bond issues to be secured by any of the assets pledged as security to it is called a (n):? Question 3 To determine risks of nondomestic bonds, a multinational corporation must consider all but which one of the following risks?? Question 4 A document which is administered by a trustee, and includes in great detail the various provisions of the loan agreement is called the:? Question 5 Which of the following is not a rating category used when rating bonds?? Question 6 ___________________ is often called a hybrid security.? Question 7 A bond that allows investors to force the issuer to redeem the bond prior to maturity is called a:? Question 8 In actual practice, most corporate bonds pay interest:? Question 9 A (n) _____________ gives the bondholder a claim to specific assets (identified through serial numbers) such as railroad cars or airplanes.? Question 10 Which of the following bond types would describe unsecured obligations that depend on the general credit strength of the corporation?


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