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9. Calculate the new volume-based overhead rate af...




9. Calculate the new volume-based overhead rate after removing grade change and slitting costs. 10. Determine the activity-based costs for grades A-D. 11. Prepare a table that illustrates the percentage change in costs between the volume-based system and the strategic activity-based system. 12. What conclusions can you draw from your analysis? As a consultant to Forest Hill, what actions would you recommend? For requirement #12, you should prepare a formal letter to the management of Forest Hill Paper Company with your team?s recommendations (and support for your suggestions).,Is there any way I can have this by this evening? basically, I just need the answers and a chart to support the final query. Any qualitative analysis I can provide via the quantified assessment. Thanks. Best, Eric,Will I hear back on this today? The assignment is due this evening and I need to vet my answers. This is my first go round with the service and am unsure of the expectations. Thanks.,Hello?,My response only needs to be the quantitative calculations and not an in depth qualitative essay. 1 page will more than suffice. Thanks. Eric


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