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Strayer FIN 100 Chapter 10 Quiz




Question;? Question 1 An individual or organization that represents the bondholders to ensure the indenture?s provisions are respected by the bond issuer is called a (n):? Question 2 When the market interest rate rises for a particular quality of bond, the price of the bond falls, which gives investors a new:? Question 3 The largest annual supply of external funds for business corporations comes from issuance of which one of the following sources?? Question 4 Which of the following bonds can be redeemed prior to maturity by the firm?? Question 5 Which of the following risks would not be faced by investors in domestic bonds?? Question 6 Which of the following bond types would describe unsecured obligations that depend on the general credit strength of the corporation?? Question 7 Dollar-denominated bonds that are issued in the United States by a foreign issuer are called:? Question 8 Which of the following types of stocks have the lowest risk to shareholders?? Question 9 When the market interest rate rises above the coupon rate for a particular quality of bond and the bond price declines, the new expected yield is called the:? Question 10 Which type of bond is currently prohibited from being issued in the United States?


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