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Question;Question 1 1. You plan to retire with $750,000 in 20 years. How much should you deposit each month into an account that pays 9.0% annual rate compounded monthly? (Note: Compounding frequency is the same as the deposit frequency.)A. $ 811B. $ 988C. $ 925D. $ 1,053E. $ 1,123F. $ 1,196G. $ 866H. $ 1,2736 points Question 2 1. (Note: This is a challenging question. Please attempt in the end.) Regina Silva is planning for her retirement 25 years from now. She expects to live for 34 years after retirement. On the day she retires, she would like to purchase a condominium in Florida for $500,000. Starting one month after her retirement, she would like to withdraw $7,000 per month from her retirement account for the next seventeen years, and then increase the monthly amount to $8,000 per month for the remaining seventeen years. At the time she passes on, she would like to leave $500,000 for charity. Finally, she would also like to see the Olympics in Reo de Janeiro ten years from now. She expects that this trip will cost $7,500. She would like to make equal monthly deposits into her retirement account to accomplish these objectives. She can earn 8.25 percent compounded monthly. Assume all cash flows occur at the end of the month.A. $ 1,084B. $ 1,222C. $ 1,463D. $ 1,021E. $ 1,554F. $ 1,297G. $ 1,151H. $ 1,3776 points Question 3 1. How long will it take for $1,000 to grow to $3,000 at a rate of 16 percent compounded monthly?A. 5.83 yearsB. 6.69 yearsC. 6.91 yearsD. 7.35 yearsE. 6.32 yearsF. 6.17 yearsG. 8.21 yearsH. 7.67 years6 points Question 4 1. Sungsam Company has total assets of $200,000 and total debt of $60,000. If it has 65,000 shares outstanding, what is the book value per share?A. $ 4.67B. $ 4.00C. $ 2.80D. $ 2.55E. $ 2.15F. $ 2.33G. $ 3.11H. $ 3.506 points Question 5 1. Lowell Corporation has a dividend payout ratio of 25 percent and a sustainable growth rate of 10 percent. What is the company?s return on equity (ROE)?A. 0.24B. 0.20C. 0.18D. 0.16E. 0.14F. 0.12G. 0.26H. 0.226 points Question 6 1. You just won the lottery! You wish to put enough money away so that you can withdraw $6,000 per month for 15 years. You can earn 9% rate on any funds you deposit. How much will you have to deposit now to meet your goal? (Note: Compounding matches the withdrawal frequency.)A. $ 745,691B. $ 473,650C. $ 714,970D. $ 777,845E. $ 591,560F. $ 765,313G. $ 785,850H. $ 666,8706 points Question 7 1. You purchased a house for $375,000 with twenty percent down payment and finance the balance with a 30-year mortgage. Your monthly mortgage payment is $2,600. What is the effective annual rate of interest on the loan?A. 7.53%B. 6.99%C. 10.31%D. 11.22%E. 8.12%F. 8.77%G. 9.50%H. 12.27%6 points Question 8 1. An investment offers to pay you $15,000 per quarter for the next 10 years (The payments start a quarter after you purchase the investment). If the interest rate is 12%, how much should you pay for this investment?A. $ 346,722B. $ 554,755C. $ 522,754D. $ 453,053E. $ 592,454F. $ 416,066G. $ 485,410H. $ 383,3536 points Question 9 1. You are planning to retire in 15 years with $750,000. You can earn 9.0% compounded quarterly. How much do you need to invest today?A. $ 228,587B. $ 147,283C. $ 181,396D. $ 197,361E. $ 156,323F. $ 210,517G. $ 170,463H. $ 244,3436 points Question 10 1. The nominal rate of return on a risky security is 6.5 percent, and the same time the rate of return on a security with no risk is 4.3 percent. What is the risk premium?A. 3.55%B. 3.35%C. 4.85%D. 2.59%E. 3.85%F. 3.07%G. 4.35%H. 2.11%6 points Question 11 1. What is the total future value of the following set of cash flows at 8% rate? Year 1 2 3 4 5 6Cash Flow ?$1300 $1300 ?$1300 $1300 ?$1,300 $1300 A. $ (478) B. $ (597) C. $ (660) D. $ (726) E. $ (794) F. $ (421) G. $ (367) H. $ (536)6 points Question 12 1. Last year, Parking Corporation had net sales of $3,050,000 and cost of goods sold of $1,800,000. Its depreciation charge was $600,000 and selling, general, and administrative expense was $800,000. If the interest charge was $35,000 and the tax rate is 30 percent, what was the operating cash flow? Ignore any carry back or carry forward of loss for tax purposes.A. 400,000B. 450,000C. 100,000D. 150,000E. 350,000F. 300,000G. 200,000H. 250,0006 points Question 13 1. The Hoola Hoop Company has current assets of $200,000. If the current ratio is 2.0 and the quick ratio is 1.40, what is the value of inventory?A. 65,000B. 60,000C. 90,000D. 55,000E. 80,000F. 85,000G. 75,000H. 70,0006 points Question 14 1. Student House of Pizza had net sales of $425,000 last year. Its cost of goods sold was $120,000 and Selling, General and Administrative Expense was $80,000 and interest was $1,430. It has 50,000 shares outstanding. It added $35,000 to retained earnings after paying a dividend of $1.75 per share. If the company?s tax rate is 30 percent, what was the depreciation charge?A. 12,856B. 34,284C. 55,713D. 27,141E. 48,570F. 62,856G. 41,427H. 19,9996 points Question 15 1. The nominal rate of return on a risky security is 8.16 percent, and the rate of return on risk-free securities is 4 percent. What is the inflation rate if the pure rate is 3 percent?A. 1.6537%B. 1.5534%C. 1.3592%D. 0.9709%E. 0.8721%F. 1.2621%G. 1.1650%H. 2.0468%6 points Question 16 1. Leveraged Corporation has a total debt to assets ratio of 85 percent. Its net income last year was $20,000. If the total debt was $160,000, what was the return on equity?A. 70.8%B. 29.2%C. 50.0%D. 23.2%E. 37.5%F. 12.5%G. 15.3%H. 18.8%6 points Question 17 1. Riverhawk Sports has return on equity of 19 percent, profit margin of 12.5 percent, sales to assets ratio of 1.18. What is the company?s debt to equity ratio?A. 24.2%B. 29.2%C. 11.4%D. 15.4%E. 34.6%F. 46.8%G. 40.4%H. 19.6%6 points Save and Submit Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers. Click Close Window to close window.


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