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FIN 350 Assignment 2 - Managerial Finance




Question;1. If the Americell Corp. has a quick ratio of 1.8, a current ratio of 3.2, an inventory turnover of 7 times, total current assets of $78,000 and cash and marketable securities of $23,000, what are Americell?s annual sales and its Average Collection Period? (6 pts.)2. A company has an EPS of $2.80 and a PE ratio of 12. It?s book value per share is $28.50. What is its market-to-book ratio? (2 pts.)3. If you deposit $2,000 into a retirement account earning 6% annually, how much total interest have you earned after 10 years, and how much of that represents interest on the original principal, and how much represents interest earned on accumulated interest? How much additional interest would you earn over the 10 year period if the interest rate were instead 8%? (6 pts.)4. You have just won the lottery. The prize is payable in one of two options. $100,000 now, or $150,000 in eight years. If you have the opportunity to invest at a 5% annual rate of interest, which of the two options would you prefer and why? (3 pts.)5. Your sister would like to borrow $5,000 right now to help her through her last year at college. She says she can easily pay you back $7,000 in ten years after she has finally paid off the rest of her student debt. What annual rate of interest would you earn on this loan if you decide to do it? What else might affect your decision whether to lend to your sister? (3 pts.)


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