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Question;Directions: Answer all five questions. Please submit your work in Word or PDF;formats only. You can submit an;Excel file to support calculations, but please ?cut and paste? your solutions;into the Word or PDF file. Be sure to show how you did your calculations;Question #1;a);What is a ?transfer price??;b);List;and describe 3 main reasons for using transfer prices.;Question #2;Consider;the following information about a potential project;Investment;required;$3,000,000;Expected;annual project revenue;$6,000,000;Expected;annual project expenses;$5,550,000;Required;rate of return;11%;Current;division return on investment;18%;a);Calculate the project?s return on investment.;b);Based solely on ROI, is this project in the firm?s best interests? Why or why;not?;c);Is this project in the division manager?s best interests? Why or why not?;d);Perform DuPont Analysis on this project.;e);What is the project?s residual income?;Question #3;List and;describe;five traits that can differentiate a customer that is relatively inexpensive to;service from a customer that is relatively expensive to service.;Question #4;List and;describe;five actions a firm can take if a customer appears to be unprofitable.;Question #5;Consider;the following quality cost report;Q1;Q2;Q3;Q4;Prevention costs;$530;$825;$775;$650;Appraisal costs;$430;$475;$420;$360;Internal failure costs;$620;$550;$450;$350;External failure costs;$875;$725;$500;$350;Total quality costs;$2,455;$2,575;$2,145;$1,710;Total revenues;$55,000;$56,000;$65,000;$66,000;Do;you believe this firm?s quality initiatives have been successful? Be sure to justify your opinion with;specific information.


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