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Question;Course Project Final UploadSubmit your final project by the last night of class!!!!!You should be putting the final touches on your research project. Be sure you have met all the requirements below before submitting your work. Submit your Research Project no later than the last day of class!Your final project should include the following:? Sampling: A careful description of how you obtained the samples. Be very specific. Include sample sizes, population of interest, and description of sample. Also include a copy of the survey if you used one.? Data: The actual data and a summary of the counts.? Descriptive Statistics: Any descriptive statistics relevant to your project should be included. You are required to give mean, mode, median, and standard deviation of your data (2 sets if you are doing 2 means). At least two graphs (such as box plots, scatter plots, stem-and-leaf, histograms, etc.) should be part of your project. The graphs can be a way to summarize descriptive statistics.? Hypothesis Test: The type of test should be identified and an explanation of why this type of test was chosen. Your project should include a check to make sure that it meets the assumptions of the particular test. This may include a graph. The hypotheses should be stated in words and symbols. The formula should be written with symbols and then with the substitution of the appropriate numbers.Conclusion: Discuss the weaknesses of your study. Include any confounding variables. To what population do you feel comfortable extrapolating your results? Why? Give suggestions for further work in the area of your topic. Be sure to reference the situation as you discuss your conclusion. Explain what lead you to the conclusion(s) that you have drawn.


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