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FIN350 - Assignment 1 Financial Markets and Institutions




Question;Assignment 1: Financial Markets and Institutions;1.;Explore one (1) financial market and the types of transactions supported by it;in the U.S. and global economies. Determine how valuable these transactions are;to the overall U.S. and the global economies.;2.;Evaluate all the factors that affect interest rates to determine the one that;appears to impact interest rates the most in today?s economic climate. Support;your answer with evidence and examples.;3.;Analyze the ease or difficulty of forecasting interest rate changes. Assess the;value the forecast provides.;4.;Examine why the Federal Reserve was created. Then construct an argument as to;whether or not the Federal Reserve?s major roles are essential to the U.S.;economy.;5.;Choose a recent monetary policy (adopted during the past twelve (12) months).;Analyze its current and future impact on the U.S. and global economies.;6.;Imagine you are a financial manager. Develop a strategy for the use of bond;markets by either an investor or firm of your choice to meet a stated financial;objective of your choice for that investor or firm.


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