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Question;Question 11. You are given the following information about ABC Company:Interest expenses = $17,758Times Interest Earned Ratio = 1.6 timesTax Rate = 22.8%What is the net income?Question 21. Suppose an investment offers to double your money in 16 years. What annual rate of return are you being offered if interest is compounded semi-annually?Question 31. ABC's current assets comprise of cash, accounts receivables, and inventory. ABC has $10,342 in cash, $8,947 in accounts receivables, and $5,725 in inventory. If the current ratio is 1.7 times, compute the quick ratio.Question 41. ABC Company earned $438,069 in taxable income for the year. How much tax does the company owe on this income?Question 51. ABC Company has $556,473 of operating income after all costs but before $42,383 of interest income, $52,182 of dividend income, and taxes. What is the tax expense?Question 61. ABC Company has total assets of $789,024. There are 52,104 shares outstanding with a market value of $27 per share. If the net profit margin is 9.4% and the total asset turnover is 2.5, what is the price/earnings (P/E) ratio?Question 71. What is the future value of $75,425 invested for 9 years at 14% compounded semi-annually?Question 81. ABC Company has a debt ratio of 0.2. What is the debt-equity (D/E) ratio?Question 91. Suppose you invest $25,195. If the interest rate is 4% compounded quarterly for the first 10 years and 13% compounded monthly for the next 5 years, what is the future value after 15 years?Question 101. ABC Company has net working capital of $1,956, current assets of $4,354, long-term debt of $2,963, and equity of $4,898. What is the amount of net fixed assets?Question 111. A project has the following cash flows. What is the internal rate of return?Year 0 1 2 3Cash flow -$121,000 68,150 $42,200 $39,10014.82%12.71%14.39%13.85%13.47%1 pointsQuestion 121. How many years will it take to triple your money at 6% compounded monthly?


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