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Choose a publicly-traded company by the end of Wee...




Choose a publicly-traded company by the end of Week Three and submit for approval. ? Examine the chosen company?s annual report and calculate the ratios listed on page 2 below. ? Complete the following: o Financial statement analyses: horizontal analysis and vertical analysis o Preparation of common-sized financial statements o Comparison of company?s financial information with a competitor or industry report Please note: Ratios will be calculated for the two most recent years from available annual reports. Please note: Written proof of how the ratios were calculated must be attached to the report. You must calculate the ratios yourself (show all numbers in the calculations?not just the end result). Additionally, provide a copy of the following items: o Management?s discussion and analysis of results o Management?s statement of responsibility for the financial statements o Auditor?s report o Financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, statement of stockholders? equity, and statement of cash flows o Footnotes to the financial statements Please note: Be sure to clearly identify each item by writing the title of the item at the top. ? Write a 1,000?1,750 word report summarizing your findings. This paper must be in APA format and have a title and reference page (see The Little, Brown Compact Handbook). The title page, reference page, and calculation of the financial ratios do not count toward the required report length. Your paper should include: o An introduction (250?500 words) - Synopsis of the company?s business - Current business situation - Industry analysis o Analysis and interpretation (500?750 words) - The analysis of the financial ratios should include insights into the meanings behind the ratios. The ratios should tell a story about how the company is doing and its prospects for the future. You need to tell that story. - In order to make the ratios more meaningful, an industry average for each ratio should also be included, along with a brief discussion regarding the analysis of your company?s ratios versus its industry. Do not copy directly from the annual report. o Conclusion (250?500 words) - Investment decision: Imagine you had $25,000 to invest in the stock of this company. Provide a statement of your decision to invest or not invest in this company?s stock based on: ? Your interpretation of the company?s long-term prospects (i.e., long-term viability and growth) ? Your research: You are expected to integrate your conclusions from the ratio analysis above; however, this is not to be your only source of information for the investment decision. You may use articles about your company found in publications or financial analyst reports to support your decision. The Internet and Online Library must be used to search for information on your company and/or industry. Provide a list for any sources used on your reference page. Be sure to provide a conclusion on your decision to invest or not invest in this company?s stock. Required Ratios Liquidity and Efficiency Ratios 1. Current ratio 2. Quick ratio Solvency and Leverage Ratios 1. Times interest earned 2. Debt-to-equity ratio Profitability Ratios 1. Profit margin ratio 2. Gross margin ratio,I will need to know which company you choose by the end of the week,You did an amazing job, but you did two companies, and it called for 1 company. I dont know if you can easily delete out one of the companies but if you can, that would be perfect. Thank you


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