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Instructions 1. Choose a company (Cabela?s), and...




Instructions 1. Choose a company (Cabela?s), and obtain its most recent annual report online starting on page 67 of annual report that is attached to this document. C. Financial Statements Income statements: is the format most like a single ?step or multistep format? Determine gross profit, income from operations, and net income for the last two years. Comment on the increases or decreases in these amounts. Balance sheet: show that Assets =Liabilities + Stockholders? Equity for the past two years. Statement of Cash Flows: Indicate whether the company?s cash flows operations for the past two years were more or less than net income. Also indicate whether the company is expanding through investing actives. Identify the company?s most important source of financing .overall, has cash increased or decreased over the past two years? Tutor: attached is the link to Cabela?s 2010 annual report starting on page 67 Thank you


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