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Can we please halfway between 45 and 80......say....




Can we please halfway between 45 and 80......say. At 65.00 can have 24 hours or longer..... Pls this is reasonable I will be back and refer other people,TERRIBEL...THE ANSWER are wrong, out of the whole document .. I only got 12 right and the rest are wrong......I AM DISHEARTENED.. pls advise about refund,I don't have any way to share the report. All I know I received a 30 pts out of 100. Only 10 or were correct and the rest are wrong.....kindly pls I will resubmit questions or attachment with different set if questions and kindly pls do these correctly. I received a offer to re-do and these are different se of questions I need help.....pls respond and I will resubmit attachment......,Please provide a response. Unhappy with the previous results. Pls accept or redo different set of questions and provide correct answers. Pls advise,No need for cross check . There's not much I can do now. Only option is to redo different set of questions ( was given to redo assignment ) w different questions. If you can fix this mistake u can send the attachment. But I will require to to work on this....... Like I said your service and tutor are great, just didn't workout well I dint want my money back just want you to fix it can you accept the attachement it got 30 questions can you work on please provide feedback accept and I will attach you can have 24 hrs I really appreciate and definitely past experiences have been great except this has become a issue and hope you can fix it.


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