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Question;For the majority of the time;the information contained in corporate financial reports is properly;used, interpreted, and covered by the press. There can be times, however;when this is not always the case. Sometimes business leaders and the press;focus on breakdowns in Accounting or control systems or the misuse of financial;information--rather than the positive role financial reports play in the world;of business.;Think back on your own career;experiences or a business story you read and share either (1) the positive;contributions that accounting and accountants provided to business;environments, companies, and/or stakeholders, or, (2) an example of an;unintended misuse, misunderstanding, or misreporting of financial;reporting information. (Note: The focus for #2 in on misuse, misunderstanding;or misreporting--not on out-and-out fraud, such as Enron, WorldCom, etc.);Whichever topic you choose, there is no need to name a company or;individual.


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