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Forward Market Arbitrage Problem Question




Question;Forward Market ArbitrageForward Premium (discount and Interest Rates DifferentialYen Pound S/peseta1-Month Forward 5.4(5.7) -1.9(-1.9) 1.2(1.2)3-Months Froward 4.8(5.3) -1.9(-1.8) 1.2(1.2)1-year Forward 4.5(5) -1.8(-1.6) 1.6(1.5)The first number is U.S. interest rate -Foreign interest rate. For example for 1-year forward Yen of 4.5%, it is the U.S 1-year rate less Japanese 1-year rate. The number in the parenthesis is 5 for 1-year forward yen. This number is the forward premium in yen as it is positive.Question: Suppose you can borrow $10 million or its yen equivalent, what actions would you take in 1-year yen forward market in order to make arbitrage profit? How much arbitrage profit you are likely to make?


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