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The following figure applies to Questions 23-27...




The following figure applies to Questions 23-27 23. Based on the systems flowchart above: (SEE ATTACHMENT) a. The company uses general ledger software manual for journal entries. b. The company's cash payments process has strong separation of duties. c. Duties are appropriately separated between the mailroom, cash receipts and accounting. d. The company makes daily cash deposits. 24. Which of the following problems is evident in the systems flowchart above? a. The cash receipts department should not be preparing bank deposits. b. The accounting department should use the customer check to prepare journal entries. c. Customer checks are not endorsed prior to deposit. d. The company does not make bank deposits often enough. 25. Which of the following journal entries would the accounting department make based on the systems flowchart above? a. Debit cash, credit accounts receivable. b. Debit accounts receivable, credit cash. c. Debit cash, credit inventory. d. The accounting department should not make an entry. 26. Which of the following is missing from the flowchart: (i) a computerized endorsement process, (ii) a terminator symbol? a. i only. b. ii only. c. Both i and ii. d. Neither i nor ii. ? 27. Who would prepare the "remittance advice" in the flowchart above? a. The customer. b. The mailroom. c. The accounting department. d. The bank.


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