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Question;1.;A low market-penetration index indicates ________.;(Points: 5);substantial growth potential for all firmssubstantial growth opportunities for few firmsit will be very expensive to attract more prospectsprice competition is increasingprofit margins are falling;Question 2.;2.;are groups of individuals who are born during the same time period and travel through life together.;(Points: 5);CohortsPopulationsDemographicsSocietiesMarkets;Question 3.;3.;Market-driven organizations tend to excel in three;distinctive capabilities: ________, customer linking, and channel;bonding.;(Points: 5);target marketingmarket researchfulfilling customer needsmarket sensingcustomer-service relationships;Question 4.;4.;In spite of the rapid growth of marketing research, many;companies still fail to use it sufficiently or correctly. Barriers to;the use of marketing research include all of the following EXCEPT;(Points: 5);a broad conception of the researchuneven caliber of researcherspoor framing of the problemlate and occasionally erroneous findingspersonality and presentational differences;Question 5.;5.;The company's marketing information system should be a cross;between what managers think they need, what managers really need, and;(Points: 5);what the marketing research department is able to dowhat consumers are willing to sharewhat the competition is doingwhat is acceptable industry practicewhat is economically feasible;Question 6.;6.;The last step in the value creation and delivery sequence is;the value where the sales force, sales promotion, advertising;and other communication tools announce and promote the product.;(Points: 5);developingdistributingcommunicatingreversingresearching;Question 7.;7.;According to the information found in the social-cultural;environment, with respect to views of others, ________ are considered to;be things that allow people who are alone to feel they are not (e.g.;television, home video games, and Internet chat rooms).;(Points: 5);social surrogatessubliminal fantasiesrelationship avoidanceprimary productssecondary products;Question 8.;8.;Which of the following types of tests shows a picture and;asks respondents to make up a story about what they think is happening;or may happen in the picture?;(Points: 5);Word associationCompletely unstructured questionStory completionThematic Apperception Test (TAT)Holistic association;Question 9.;9.;Which of the following would be the best illustration of a subculture?;(Points: 5);A softball teamA university alumni associationTeenagersA Boy Scout troopFrequent flyers;Question 10.;10.;reflects a customer's judgment of a product's performance in relation to his or her expectations.;(Points: 5);LoyaltySatisfactionValueExpectationsComparison shopping;Question 11.;11.;Marketers are particularly interested in the consumption of;as developing brand loyalty in this age group is likely to;lead to the highest consumer lifetime value.;(Points: 5);infantsyoung childrenteensparentsretirees;Question 12.;12.;Business realignment may be necessary to maximize core;competencies. Which of the following would be one of the steps in this;realignment process?;(Points: 5);reviewing all macro relationshipsreviewing global outreach projectionsredefining the business concept (the "big idea")reviewing successes from e-commerce (if any)revamping the ethics statement;Question 13.;13.;The holistic marketing framework is designed to address three;key management questions. Which of the following is one of those;questions?;(Points: 5);Value claims-how does the company deal with value erosion?Value proposition-how can value propositions be made profitable?Value chain-are there weak links in the company's value chain?Value network-how can a company effectively network?Value exploration-how can a company identify new value opportunities?;Question 14.;14.;Procurement, technology development, human resource;management, and firm infrastructure are handled in certain specialized;departments and are called ________.;(Points: 5);materials handlingsupport activitiesinventory activitiesprimary activitiesbenchmark activities;Question 15.;15.;Value reflects ________.;(Points: 5);the price consumers are charged for a productthe cost of manufacturing a productthe degree to which consumer demand for the product is positivethe sum of the perceived tangible and intangible benefits and costs to customersall of the above;Question 16.;16.;If a marketing researcher asks subjects what kind of person;they think of when the brand is mentioned in order to understand how;consumers feel about a particular brand, the marketing researcher is;using the ________ approach.;(Points: 5);word associationprojectivevisualizationbrand personificationladdering;Question 17.;17.;Each society contains ________, groups with shared values;emerging from their special life experiences or circumstances.;(Points: 5);demographic segmentscliquesconsumer bundlessubculturesbehavioral niches;Question 18.;18.;The most scientifically valid research is ________ research.;(Points: 5);observationfocus-groupsurveybehavioral dataexperimental;Question 19.;19.;A(n) ________ need is a need that the consumer explicitly verbalizes.;(Points: 5);statedrealunstateddelightsecret;Question 20.;20.;Several scholars have found that companies who embrace the;marketing concept achieve superior performance. This was first;demonstrated for companies practicing a ________-understanding and;meeting customers' expressed needs.;(Points: 5);reactive market orientationproactive marketing orientationtotal market orientationimpulsive market orientationholistic market orientation;Question 21.;21.;The volume discount for wholesalers must be the same as for 2500 units due to standard industry practices.;(Points: 5);True False;Question 22.;22.;If your budget is less than zero, you can advance the simulation by securing a loan.;(Points: 5);True False;Question 23.;23.;What is not a basic symptom that cold remedies address?;(Points: 5);FeverNasal congestionChest congestionRejuvenationRunny noseCough;Question 24.;24.;Which brand has the highest conversion ratio?;(Points: 5);AllroundCoughcureDefoggDrupEndExtra;Question 25.;25.;What are the objectives of Allround?s brand management team?;(Points: 5);Maintain long-term profitabilityMaintain market shareIncrease revenueA and B onlyA, B, and C;Question 26.;26.;Manufacturer volume discounts to retailers are typically within what range?;(Points: 5);5% to 30%10% to 35%15% to 40 % to 45%30% to 55%;Question 27.;27.;Allstar currently offers three different brands on the market.;(Points: 5);True False;Question 28.;28.;The sales force is composed of three categories.;(Points: 5);True False


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