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Week 6 problems Hybrid and Derivative Securities




Question;Week 6 ProblemsIntroduction:At the end of Chapter 16, there is a "Problems" section in your textbook. Complete theproblems specified in this section in a Microsoft Excel workbook or Word document. InWeek 6, you reviewed various topics in finance, specifically dealing with hybrid andderivative securities. The problem set calls for you to value different securities, such aslease, call, and put options.Tasks:Chapter 16: Hybrid and Derivative SecuritiesP16-1 Lease cash flowsP16-10 Conversion (or stock) valueP16-21 Call optionP16-22 Put optionDeliverables and format:Name the file YourLastNameWA6-1.xls or YourLastNameWA6-1.doc and submit it tothe instructor. Limit your response to questions that require an explanation to aparagraph of 150-200 words. (Formatting details: 10-12 pt font, Spacing: Double)Spacing in Excel is N/A, in Word, use double-spacing on problem assignments.


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