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Syldavian Electricity Market Case




Question;Consider the case where there are four participants in the early years of the Syldavian Electricity Market(SEM), namely Alpha, Bravo, Champion, and Delta. Assume that the four-companies operate in SEM,and that an electronic trading system is used to set up bilateral transactions. In this early scheme, themarket operator acts as a broker and follows the scheme listed below to clear the transactions;?Matches the highest offer with the lowest bid until there are no more bids or offers available.? Calculates the transaction price ($/MWh) as the average of the offer price and the bid price for thespecific quantity.?The settlement for each bilateral trade is then made at this transaction price.The following bids and offers to sell and buy respectively were received at 3 pm on 12 January 2014.Offers (tobuy)QuantityMWhAlphaAlphaBravo25Bravo25Bravo25ChampionChampionDelta25MarketParticipantBids (to sell)Price$/MWh250185170190QuantityMWh25252525-Price$/MWh10517550160-(a) (8 pts) Create a table similar to the one below and fill in the blanks with appropriate quantitiesbased on the settlement of transactions. Leave blank or add new lines, if necessary. Assumeunlimited transmission line capacity.TransactionBuy Price$/MWhSell Price$/MWhQuantityMWhTransactionPrice ($/MWh)________ buys from ________________ buys from ________________ buys from ________________ buys from ________________ buys from ________(b) (8 pts) Determine the revenue and expense for each company for this hour.


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