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Question;1);lowest to highest between securities is;2);A portfolio of large company stocks would contain;which one of the following types of securities?;3);Which of the following statements is correct;concerning the variance of the annual returns on an investment?;4);In predicting the expected future return of the market,one of the dangers is that;5);how much of total world;stock market capitalization is from the united states in 2011;6);The;variance of returns is computed by dividing the sum of the;7);the standard deviation on;small company stocks;8);Estimates using the arithmetic average will probably;tend to _____ values over the long-term while estimates using the geometric;average will probably tend to _____ values over the short-term.;9);The capital gains yield plus the dividend yield;on a security is called the;10);The excess return required from a risky asset;over that required from a risk-free asset is called the;11);the average risk premium on;u s treasury bills over the period of 1926 to 2011 was - %;12);over the period of 1926 to;2011 the average rate of inflation was;13) Over;the period of 1926 through 2011, the annual rate of return on _____ has been;more volatile than the annual rate of return on;14)the;return earned in an average year over a multi-year period is called;15)The dollar value of the world Stock market;Capitalization from largest to smallest


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