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Homework Assignment: ? Word-process your solutions within this template. Do not create a new file. ? Show all steps used in arriving at the final answers. Incomplete solutions will receive partial credit. ? If needed: Word-process formulas using Equation Editor and diagrams using Drawing Tool. 1. A manufacturer of microwaves gathers information on microwave sales from a random sample of 50 stores in a large retail chain. In the sample, the mean number of microwaves sold per store last week was 19, with standard deviation 2. What is the 95% confidence interval for the mean number of microwaves sold at a retail store in the chain last week? 2. Annual family medical expenses for the families of a random sample of ten employees of a company are given below. You can assume the family medical expenses for the employees of the company are normally distributed. $2450, $1390, $2550, $2140, $1690, $2600, $2250, $2330, $2490, $1810 Compute the 95% confidence interval for the mean family dental expenses of all employees of the company. 3. If many samples of size 30 (that is, each sample consists of 30 items) were taken from a large normal population with a mean of 36 and variance of 10, what would be the sample standard deviation? 4. The average height of American woman is distributed normally, with a mean of 63.5 inches and a standard deviation 2.5 inches. Approximately what percentage of American women are taller than 58.5 inches, but shorter than 68.5 inches? 5. A company?s average accounts receivable per customer is $132.54. After a problem in the automated accounting software is suspected, a random sample of 38 accounts reveals a sample mean of $143.55 and a sample standard deviation of $38.29. In a two-sided hypothesis test to see if the average accounts receivable has changed, the best formulation of the null hypothesis is:


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