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Pepsi-Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows;Common Size all financial statements




Question;Company:PepsiFind latest 10-K financial statements ? Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows.Common Size all financial statements for all years available.Ratio analysis for all years availableIncome StatementGross Profit MarginGross Profit/RevenuesOperating Profit MarginOperating Income/RevenuesNet Profit Marginearning avliable for common stockholder/salesBalance SheetLiquidity RatiosCurrentCurrent Assets/Current liabilitiesQuickCurrent Assets - Inventories / Current LiabilitiesCash(cash-marketable sec.)/Current liabilitiesSolvency RatiosLong-term debt to equityLTD/Tot equityDebt to equityTotal Debt/Shareholder's EquityTotal DebtTotal Debt/Total AssetsFinancial LeverageTotal Asset/EquityCash Flow StatementPerformanceCash Flow to RevenueCFO/ Net RevenueCash Return on AssetsCFO/ Total AssetsCash return on equityCFO / Avg. Shareholder's EquityCash to incomeCFO/Operating IncomeCash flow per shareCFO-Preferred Dividends/CSOCoverage RatiosDebt coverageCFO/Total DebtInterest coverageEBIT/Interest ExpenseReinvestmentCFO/Cash Paid for long-term assetsDebt paymentCFO/ CASH PAID LONG TERMDivident paymentCFO/DIVIDENDS PAIDInvesting and FinancingCFO/Inv cash outflow + financing cash outflowCash FlowsEquationFree Cash Flow to EquityCFO-FCInv+Net Borrowing-Net Debt PaymentFree Cash Flow to the FirmCFO+Int(1-Tax)-FCI


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