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Tundra Tots Solution-Tundra Tots is being liquidated under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Act




Question;Tundra Tots is being liquidated under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Act. Its current balance sheet is shown below. Fixed assets are sold for $25,000,000 and current assets are sold for $18,000,000. All fixed assets are pledged as collateral for all mortgage bonds. Subordinated debentures are subordinate only to notes payable. Trustee costs are $500,000. No employee is owed over $2,000.Sale of current assets 38,000,000Sale of fixed assets 25,000,000Trustee costs 500,000Current AssetsNet fixed assetsBeforeDefault75,000,00050,000,000Total assets125,000,000Balance SheetAccounts payableAccrued taxesAccrued wagesNotes payableTotal current liabilitiesFirst-mortgage bondsSecond-mortgage bondsDebenturesSubordinated debenturesCommon stockRetained earningsTotal claimsBeforeDefault15,000,00010,000550,0003,800,00019,360,00018,000,00020,000,00045,000,00014,000,0002,500,0006,140,000125,000,000a. How much will SHs receive?b. How much will mortgage bondholders receive?c. How much will priority creditors receive?d. Identify the remaining general creditors. How much will each receive before subordination adjustment?e. How much will each of the general creditors receive after subordination adjustment?


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