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The ongoing question that the weekly assignments will focus on...




Question;The ongoing question that the weekly assignments will focus on is: Are males and females paid the same for equal work (under the Equal Pay Act)? Note: to simplfy the analysis, we will assume that jobs within each grade comprise equal work.;The column labels in the table mean;ID ? Employee sample number;Sal ? Salary in thousands;Age ? Age in years;EES ? Appraisal rating (Employee evaluation score);SER ? Years of service;G ? Gender (0 = male, 1 = female);Mid ? salary grade midpoint;Raise ? percent of last raise;Grade ? job/pay grade;Deg (0= BS\BA 1 = MS);Gen1 (Male or Female);Compa - salary divided by midpoint, a measure of salary that removes the impact of grade;This data should be treated as a sample of employees taken from a company that has about 1,000;employees using a random sampling approach.;Mac Users: The homework in this course assumes students have Windows Excel, and;can load the Analysis ToolPak into their version of Excel.;The analysis tool pak has been removed from Excel for Windows, but a free third-party;tool that can be used (found on an answers Microsoft site) is;;Like the Microsoft site, I make cannot guarantee the program, but do know that;Statplus is a respected statistical package.;You may use other approaches or tools;as desired to complete the assignments.


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