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PROBLEM E2-1, 2-2, 2-3. 2-4, 2-5




Question;E2-1What does it mean to say that individuals as a group are net suppliers of funds for financial institutions? What do you think the consequences might be in financial markets if individuals consumed more of their incomes and thereby reduced the supply of funds available to financial institutions?E2-2You are the chief financial officer(CFO) of Gaga Enterprises, an edgy fashion design firm. Your firm needs $10 million to expand production. How do you think the process of raising this money will vary if you raise it with the help of a financial institution versus raising it directly in the financial markets?E2-3For what kinds of needs do you a think firm would issue securities in the money market versus the capital market?E2-4Your broker calls to offer you the investment opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to invest in mortgage-backed securities. The broker explains that these securities are entitled to the principal interest payments received from a pool of residential mortgages. List some of the questions you would ask your broker to assess the risk of this investment opportunity.E2-5Reston, Inc., has asked your corporation, Pruro, Inc., for financial assistance. As a long-time customer of Reston, your firm has decided to give that assistance. The question you are debating is whether Pruro should take Reston stock with a 5% annual dividend or a promissory note paying 5% annual interest.Assuming payment is guaranteed and the dollar amounts for annual interest and dividend income are identical, which option will result in greater after-tax income for the first year?


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