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Question;Finding the Dividend Briley, Inc., is expected to pay equal dividends at the end of each of the next two years. Thereafter, the dividend will grow at a constant annual rate of 4 percent, forever. The current stock price is $45. What is next year?s dividend payment if the required rate of return is 11 percent?;Last year the Digby company increased their equity. In 2013 their equity was $49,136. Last year (2014) it increased to $51,390. What are causes of change in equity? Check all that apply. Select: 3Plant Improvements of $9,580Dividend payment of$6,494.A change in cash of -$3,316.A bond issue of$1,378.Change in inventory of-$1,662.A change of plant and equipment of$9,580.Profits of $10,357A change in short term debt of-$4,473.An accounts payable change of$999.Depreciation of -$41,287Issue and retirement of stock.


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