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ABC Tire Company Problem




Question;In 2009 it was decided that ABC Tire Company would implement a BPM project with the goal to decrease the manufacturing cost per tire and increase revenue from each tire sold.;To track the success (or failure) of the project they determined the following baseline data for 2009.Total # of Tires Sold MaterialsCost Per Tire LaborCost Per Tire Average RetailPrice Per Tire Average Profit Per Tire24,594 $23.21 $11.67 $119.00 $84.12;After implementing the BPM project ABC Tire Company reviewed the value of the project after a year and identified the following informationTotal # of Tires Sold Total MaterialsCost Total LaborCost Average RetailPrice Per Tire27,669 $672,080.32 $303,280.56 $121.13;Using the data provided above calculate and provideMaterials Cost Per Tire Labor Cost Per Tire Average Profit Per Tire % Increase or Decrease in Materials cost Per Tire % Increase or Decrease in Labor cost Per Tire %Increase or Decrease in Average Profit Per Tire;Address the following questions;1. Why is it important to ensure baseline data is accurate?2. Was the project successful?


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