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Benecol: Raisio?s Global Nutriceutical




Question;1. What is required for global product roll-out;including who expends which capital, takes which risks, and reaps which rewards?;2. Complete a detailed financial analysis;highlighting the differences in which Raisia reaps rewards in and out of;Finland via its role in the product distribution. Compare in terms of;short- to medium- to long-term under the agreement, assuming the product is met;with relative success.;3. What are some of the possible motivations;to Raisio and McNeil behind a milestone agreement? Assume the milestone;payments are agreed upon payments from McNeil to Raisio if;a. Raisio;successfully completes the expansion of its manufacturing capabilities for;stanol ester.;b. McNeil;successfully introduces Benecol products in major industrial markets;overcoming regulatory hurdles or reaching specific goals.;4. Summarize the key to understanding the;strategy chosen, possible pitfalls, and the prospects for Raisio.;="msonormal">


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