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On January 15, Year 2, Lawrence and Rigoli, CPAs,...




On January 15, Year 2, Lawrence and Rigoli, CPAs, are hired to audit the December 31, Year 1, financial statements of Keep Well, Inc., a health care provider. Lawrence and Rigoli have only a limited time in which to complete the audit, due to pre-existing client obligations. There are two staff people available to work on the audit, Roger, a new staff accountant and Lisa, an experienced audit senior. The firm has never audited a company in the health care field. Which auditing standard, if any, is being violated in the following situations? Select as many options as apply, but no more than three for each situation. Auditing Standards 1. Professional care 2. Planning 3. Supervision 4. Internal control, entity, and environment 5. Consistency 6. Disclosure 7. No standard violated Situations a. The firm accepts the engagement despite the fact that it has never audited a company in the health care field. b. Due to time constraints, there is no opportunity to learn much about the health care field, so a standard audit plan from another industry is used. c. In the interest of being fair, Rigoli and Lawrence devote an equal amount of time to overseeing the work performed by Roger and the work performed by Lisa. d. Lisa is currently overseeing two other audit engagements. e. Lisa audits the more complicated areas, such as pensions and leases, while Roger audits cash and receivables. Each staff member is responsible for setting the scope of the audits in their areas. f. Roger drafts the initial report, and indicates that accounting principles have been consistently applied, but fails to state that disclosures are adequate. g. Lisa modifies the report to indicate that disclosures are adequate. h. Lisa has an excellent track record in the firm, so Rigoli and Lawrence do not review her work.


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