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Question;Refer to and use the following abbreviations for the problems below: ?;R = Royalty Payment ? CT = Artist Credit Total ? SV = Share Value ? CV =;Credit Value ? RP = Retail Price ? PD= Packaging Deduction ? R%=Royalty;Percentage of Suggested Retail Price minus packaging1.;Ziam wants to know how much his royalty will be for a song he has;written. How will it be calculated? Write the steps or the formulas that;will be used to calculate his royalty payment.2. Ziam has;written a popular song titled ?Going There,? which has been recorded by a;well-known performer. He recently received a royalty check for $7,000.;If Ziam gets a 0.5 share of the royalties and the credit value is $3.50;what was the credit total that his song earned? Write out the problem;in the form of an equation and solve it.3. Ziam quickly published;another song, ?Take Me There,? that is played even more often than;?Going There.? If his first song earns 4,000 credits and his second song;earns 6,000 credits, what will the royalty payment be from the two;songs if the credit value remains at $3.50?4. Ziam is considering;an offer to perform his own songs on a CD to be titled ?Waiting There.?;In the past, he has written but not performed his music. If Ziam?s;royalty is 0.12 of the suggested retail price of $15.00, but 0.25 of the;retail price is deducted for packaging before Ziam?s royalty is;calculated, how much will he receive for sale of the CD? Write your;answer in the form of an equation and solve it.Use the equation below and show your work in this cell to solve for the royalty payment. Manual Equation: R = (CT)(SV)(CV)


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