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Question;1. To insure against potential losses that result from adverse changes in exchange rates, Trader's Paradise should use currency ________. (Points: 5) conversionspeculationhedgingarbitrage;2. ________ involves using taxes and government spending to influence the money supply indirectly. (Points: 5) Monetary policyDomestic policyThe law of one priceFiscal policy;3. Purchasing power parity is better at predicting ________ exchange rates. (Points: 5) Europeanshort-termspotlong-term;4. A contract between the exporter and shipper that specifies merchandise destination and shipping costs is called a ________. (Points: 5) draftbill of ladingletter of creditbill of exchange;5. Which of these is the relative ability of two countries' currencies to buy the same "basket" of goods in those two countries? (Points: 5) Fisher effectLaw of one pricePurchasing power parityCross rates;6. The likelihood that a society will undergo political changes that negatively affect local business activity is known as ________. (Points: 5) business riskinvestment riskpolitical riskproduction risk;7. Which of the following is NOT a method of export/import financing (Points: 5) Documentary collectionLetter of creditBuybackOpen account;8. When the U.S. government lowers taxes, this is an example of ________. (Points: 5) fiscal policymonetary policydomestic policythe law of one price;9. In countries with high illiteracy rates, a(n) ________ should not be used to collect information. (Points: 5) personal interviewobservation of behaviorwritten surveygroup interview;10. A promotional strategy designed to create buyer demand that will encourage channel members to stock a company's product is called a(n) ________. (Points: 5) pull strategyend distribution strategypush strategyup-channel strategy;11. Which of the following is an example of a legal force that might influence a site location decision? (Points: 5) Strong work ethicStrict environmental regulationsQualified workforceLiquidity problems;12. When a government buys its own securities on the open market, (Points: 5) tax rates declinethe money supply increasesthe nation's productivity increasesit encourages FDI outflow;13. A distribution channel in which a manufacturer grants the right to sell its products to only one or a limited number of resellers is called a(n) ________. (Points: 5) intensive channelpush strategy channelexclusive channelpull strategy channel;14. In which type of joint venture do the parties choose to invest together in downstream business activities? (Points: 5) Backward integrationMultistageForward integrationBuyback;15. Which of the following financing methods entails the greatest risk for importers? (Points: 5) Documentary collectionAdvance paymentLetter of creditOpen account;16. Manufacturers of products that are commonly sold through department and grocery stores often use a(n) ________. (Points: 5) pull strategyexclusive channel strategypush strategyvalue chain strategy;17. The process of sending messages about products to target markets is called ________. (Points: 5) promotion mixdistribution policyvalue densitymarketing communication;18. Developing a market-potential indicator for an emerging market is useful to companies considering ________. (Points: 5) exportinglicensingjoint ventureswholly owned subsidiaries;19. The process of obtaining information that already exists within the company or that can be obtained from outside sources is called ________. (Points: 5) secondary market researchlogistics managementprimary market researchinvalid market research;20. The market consisting of all stocks bought and sold outside the issuer's home country is called the ________. (Points: 5) Eurocurrency marketinternational equity marketforeign exchange marketinternational bond market


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