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uop fin/200 finance week 1 assignment




Question;Week;One: Introduction to Financial Management and Review of Accounting;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;1.1 Describe the goals of financial management.;1.2 Interpret a statement of cash flows.;Course Preparation;Readthe course description and;objectives.;Readthe instructor?s biography and;post your own.;Readings;Read Appendix A.;Read Ch. 1 & 2 of Foundations of Financial Management.;CheckPoint;Financial;Management Goals;Writea 200- to 300-word paper describing the goals of financial;management. The description should include how earnings are valued, how;shareholder wealth can be maximized, and how management decisions affect;stockholder wealth.;10/04/13;30;Individual;Cash;Flow Preparation;CompleteProblems 27, 28, and 29 on pp. 51?53 of Foundations of Financial Management.;10/06/13;50;Participation & Discussion Questions;Participate;in class discussion and respond to weekly discussion questions;On-going;20


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