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Question;1.;Using the information and risk free;rate found in #5, what would the yield of a 30-day corporate bond be?;2.;4-year corporate securities are currently yielding 5.8%. You know;the following are the current interest rate premiums. Calculate the inflation;premium.;3;Interest rates on;4-year Treasury securities are currently 7%, while interest rates on 6-year;Treasury securities are currently 7.5%. If the pure expectations hypothesis is;correct, what does the market believe that 2-year securities will be yielding 4;years from now?;4. Interest rates;on 3-year treasury securities are currently 8%, while 6-year treasury;securities are 8.5%. If pure expectations hypothesis is correct, what does the;market believe that 3-year securities will be yielding 3 years from now?;5;One-year Treasury;securities yield 4.78%. The market anticipates that 1 year from now, 1-year;Treasury securities will yield 5.29%. If the pure expectation theory is;correct, what should be the yield today for 2-year Treasury securities?;6;3-year treasury securities beginning two years from;now are expected to yield 5.75%, whereas a 2-year Treasury security is;currently yielding 5%. A 2-year security is expected to yield 6.2% beginning 3;years from now. What is the yield for a 3-year treasury security beginning;today?


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