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Question;Unit 1.1 DB: Compound Interest;Define the term "compound interest." How does;compound interest differ from "simple interest;Unit 1.2 DB: Internet Search;Search the internet for any short article related to finance;and then post a couple of sentences here about what you've learned or what your;thoughts are;Unit 1.3 DB: Percent Increase and Decrease;When corporations release earnings, they often include the;prior year's numbers a well as the current year's. Often, the numbers are;translated into percentage terms. Therefore, it's helpful for you to know how;to calculate percent changes quickly by estimating and rounding.;What is the percent increase for revenues which have grown;from $150 (million) last year to $200 (million) this year. Show all steps.;Unit 2.1 DB: How to use the &&quot,Rule of;72&&quot, to estimate Compound Interest;The Rule of 72 states that IF rate*time=72, your investment;will double.;Referring to the example if $1000 grows to $2000 in ten;years, you see that this is a double. Thus, rate * time=72. Plug in the 10;years for time, and the formula becomes...rate * 10 years=72. Thus, rate=7.2%!;QUESTIONS;Using the Rule of 72, estimate how long it will take to;double your investment if you earn 6%?;If you earn 8%?;If you earn 12%?;Unit 2.2 DB: Hint for Assignment 2;Where do you put the number for "other expenses;Unit 3.1 DB: TVM Formulas for Single Sum Calculations;To compute future value (fv) of a single sum, use Table A1;in the appendix and the formula: fv = pv * factor.;To find the present value (pv) of a known future amount, use;Table A2 in the appendix and the formula pv = fv * factor.;Question 1: You invest $3000 for 8 years and expect to earn;9%, on average, per year. What is the fv? Solve, using Table A1.;Question 2: You want to have $6000 eight years from today to;purchase a G. Loomis fishing rod and a Van Staal fishing reel. You expect to;earn 9%, on average. How much should you invest today to reach your target in 8;years? Solve, using Table A2.;Be sure to show the formula and your "plug-in's, then solve.;Show all the steps in your work.;Unit 3.2 DB: TVM Formulas for Annuities;First, define the term annuity. Then, check the annuity;tables A3 and A4.;Do these annuity factors exhibit the same inverse;relationship as single sum factors?;30 25 21;Unit 3.3 DB: Rule of 72 Questions;Here is a question for you to solve using the Rule of 72.;Question: In 1967, tuition, room & board at a private college costs $3000.;In 2007, the same services cost $48,000. Find the avereage annual rate of;college-cost inflation, using the Rule of 72. Hint: first, estimate the number;of doubles. Since each double represents 72 compounding percents, you can then;find the total number of compounding percents. Finally, plug-into the formula;rate * time = total compounding percents, and solve for rate.;Unit 3.4 DB: Practice Problems for Chapter 5;Use this thread to post your solutions for Q1, Q2, and Q3 on;Page 144.;Be sure to show all the steps in your work.;25 23 20;Unit 4.1 DB: Hints for Case Problem 4;For CP4, what items can you depreciate? Are additions to;working capital depreciable?;Unit 5.1 DB: Key Cost Capital Term: Credit Facility;In this article, what is the meaning of the term;credit facility"?;Unit 5.2 DB: Error on Slide 10;FIN201, there is an error in Slide 10. Once you've reviewed;the lecture, go back to Slide 10 and see if you can spot the error. Post your;comments here.;Unit 6 DB: Practice Questions for the Final Exam;Here are some practice questions designed to prepare you for;the final exam. Work together to solve these questions.;Solve the following using The Rule of 72;Unit 6 DB: Practice Questions for the Final Exam;Here are some practice questions designed to prepare you for;the final exam. Work together to solve these questions.;Solve the following using The Rule of 72.;You expect to earn 8% per year on your investment. If you;invest $3000 today, how much will your investment be worth in 9 years?;You want to have $40,000 available to finance a trip around;the world in 12 years. You estimate that you can earn 12% on your investment.;How much do you need to deposit today to meet your goal?;A new Grady White fishing boat cost $5000 in 1979. Today;the very same boat costs around $40,000. Estimate the average annual inflation;rate, using the Rule of 72.;You invest $2000 today and expect ot earn 9% per year. how;many years will it take for your investment to grow to $32,000?;Unit 7 DB: Class Discussion;Unit 7 Class Discussion


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