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Question;Case Problem 1: Answer Questions 1,3,4,7 and 12 in the text on pages 17-18 (10th edition). Submit via this link, and please be sure to include your name on your work. Length should be appx two pages, single-spaced.Q1. What are the three types of financial management decisions? For each type, give an example of a business transaction that would be relevant.Q3. What is the primary disadvantage of the corporate form of organization? Describe at least two advantages of the corporate organization.Q4. In response to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, many small firms have opted to "go dark" and to delist their stock. Why might a company choose this route? What are the costs of going dark?Q7. Who owns a corporation? Describe the process by which the owners control the firm's management. What is the main reason that an agency relationship exists in the corporate form of organization? In this context, what kinds of problems can arise?Q12. Can the goal of maximizing the value of the company's stock conflict with other goals, such as avoiding unethical or illegal behavior? In particular, do you think subjects like customer and employee safety, the environment, and the general good of society fit into this framework, or are they ignored? Cite some specific examples to illustrate your answer.


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