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uop fin/200 finance week 7 assignment




Question;Week;Seven: Sources of Short-Term Financing;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;1;1.1 Identity sources of short-term financing.;1.2 Analyze short-term loan options.;CheckPoint;Short-Term;Financing;Writea 200- to 300-word paper listing the different sources of;short-term financing. Discuss the characteristics of each source and explain;why a company might choose one over the other.;11/15/13;30;Individual;Loan;Scenarios;Completethe Comprehensive Problem: Midland Chemical Co. on pp. 250 and 251;of Foundations of Financial Management.;11/17/13;50;Participation & Discussion Questions;Participate;in class discussion and respond to weekly discussion questions;On-going;20


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