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Question;95. Assume a firm has a positive cash balance which is;increasing annually. Why then is it important to analyze a statement of cash;flows?;96. You need to analyze a firm's performance in;relation to its peers. You can do this either by comparing the firms' balance;sheets and income statements or by comparing the firms' ratios. If you only had;time to use one means of comparison which method would you use and why?;97. In general, what does a high Tobin's Q value;indicate and how reliable does that value tend to be?;98. What value does the PEG ratio provide to financial;analysts?;99. What value can the price-sales ratio provide to;financial managers that the price-earnings ratio cannot?;100. It is commonly recommended that the managers of a;firm compare the performance of their firm to that of its peers. Increasingly;this is becoming a more difficult task. Explain some of the reasons why;comparisons of this type can frequently be either difficult to perform or;produce misleading results.


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